Sharing a home (Shared Lives)

If full-time residential care isn’t right for you, but managing your own home is causing you problems, you could benefit from what we call 'Shared Lives'. Shared Lives is particularly suitable for older people, people with disabilities, people with mental health problems or people with dementia.

This means you would be sharing the home of a chosen host – this could be a single person, a couple or a whole family. You could:

  • have your own room
  • bring your own things
  • have at least £40 a week to buy or do the things you want to
  • have your family or friends visit you whenever you want.

It’s somewhere safe and supportive for you to stay, whether it’s for a few hours, a weekend or even longer. When staying with your hosts you would become part of the local community and always be sure of having company and opportunities to make new friends, while keeping your own independence.

Like care homes, Shared Lives is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and you can see our most recent report. We always make sure you’re happy with your chosen family before you move in, and we check regularly to make sure everything is all right during your stay. Shared Lives isn’t right for everyone and our relatives’ guide (PDF, 146.8KB) will give you a better idea of who should take part. 

Shared Lives costs money. If you can pay for it yourself, fill in our form to ask for Shared Lives accommodation, or you can speak to your care manager and they can refer you to us. 

If you have any questions about Shared Lives, call us on 01233 652401 (Text relay 18001 01233 652401) or email You can also find out more about how to become a Shared Lives host