Charges for care and support

Your needs assessment (also known as a community care assessment) will identify what care and support services you need. Some of the services you need may not be free - you may need to pay for them.

You can find more information about costs in our booklets:

You may be able to get help towards the cost of your care. How much you have to pay will depend on your capital (such as savings or investments and sometimes your former home if you are in full-time residential care) and your weekly income (including pensions and benefits). We'll give you a financial assessment to let you know how much you'll be expected to pay.

You may be eligible for NHS continuing health care. This is a package of care which is arranged and funded solely by the NHS for individuals outside of hospital who have ongoing health care needs. To check the eligibility criteria and more information visit the NHS website.

Proposed changes from April 2017

We are proposing to make the changes below to the charging policy for home care and other non-residential care and support from April 2017. You will receive a letter if you are likely to be affected by these changes. However, if you have any further questions, please contact your care manager.

Tariff income rule

We plan to change the current rules on tariff income so that we are in line with Government policy and take into account £1 for every £250. The proposed change will mean that the tariff income rules for residential care and home care charging policies will be the same.

Second property

We plan to change the policy so that the value of a second or more properties is taken into account in the financial assessment. We propose to introduce this for new people receiving support from April 2017 and for those already in receipt of support from April 2018.

Arrangement fee for people who have to pay the full cost of their care

People who have more than the £23,250 upper capital limit have to pay the full cost of their care and support. However, it is proposed that when we arrange this for some people and charge the full cost, we will charge an arrangement fee. We are proposing to charge a flat annual arrangement fee to people in certain categories to pay for the administration associated with accessing home care. This will be paid in weekly instalments. The arrangement fee will not apply to people who require residential care.