Types of resurfacing

Depending on the condition of the road or pavement, we have 2 options for repairing the road.


This is used when the surface or sub-surface layers have deteriorated to a point that they need to be replaced. The existing layer is removed and a new surface laid.

This is expensive and will normally last at least 15 years.

Surface treatment

This is cheaper than resurfacing and seals the existing surface. There are 3 different types of surface treatment:

Surface dressing

This type of repair provides more grip and protects it from water and air damage. It is generally used on busy rural or urban roads and lasts up to 10 years.  We fix faults and potholes and then coat the road with an adhesive layer followed by stone chips. This is embedded with the help of vehicles and we return 3 times over the following week to remove excess stones. This is our most cost effective resurfacing treatment.

Micro asphalt

This type of resurfacing is generally used on urban roads and lasts up to 10 years. We fix faults and potholes, but we then place a pre-mixed tarmac dressing which is then pressed down.

Slurry seal

This is similar to micro asphalt but is used on pavements with minor defects such as surface cracking. We fix faults and potholes and then apply a pre-mixed tarmac dressing. This is the cheapest and quickest option.