Thanet Way speed restriction

In 2016, we introduced a temporary 50mph speed limit on a 17km stretch of the A299 Thanet Way, near Whitstable and Herne Bay. This safety measure was required because of uneven road conditions.

The national speed limit has now been restored on the London bound and coast bound carriageways.

Resurfacing works are now complete and the 50mph speed limit has been lifted and reinstated to the national speed limit throughout all coast bound sections to match the London bound side. No further resurfacing works are currently planned.

The uneven conditions have formed due to long bouts of both very wet and dry weather conditions which have caused shrinkage and expansion of the clay which the road is built on. This is a potential safety hazard for high speed traffic.

The reduced speed limit will allow traffic to continue to move freely and safely on both lanes without greatly affecting journey times. We are hoping to be able to fix the problems by early 2017, after which the temporary speed restriction will be lifted. We will make sure we keep any disruption to a minimum by carrying out the majority of works overnight.

The Thanet Way is a major strategic road carrying about 40,000 vehicles a day and we will monitor and review the speed limit to make sure it works successfully until the works to solve this issue are complete.

View a map (PDF, 5.3 MB) of where the restriction will be in place