Sturry link road

Sturry Link Road, Canterbury (A28 / A291)

The proposed Sturry Link Road aims to reduce congestion along the A28 and improve access to Sturry station and 1000 new homes. 

The A28 through Sturry gets congested because the level crossing interrupts traffic. The new road would allow traffic to avoid the level crossing.

Canterbury City Council's District Local Plan - Publication Draft 2014, has identified land at Sturry and Broad Oak as suitable for new homes.

Dates and next steps

Plans are only in the early stages and the Broad Oak, Sturry and other housing allocations will not be confirmed until after Canterbury City Council have adopted their Local Plan. 

All dates below could change:

  • feasibility and outline designs - autumn 2015 to spring 2016
  • public consultation before planning - summer 2016
  • planning application - autumn 2016 to summer 2017
  • detailed design, procurement, land acquisition and statutory procedures - summer 2017 to winter 2018
  • construction - spring 2019 to autumn 2020 (at the earliest).

Scheme plan

Sturry Link Road scheme plan (PDF, 856.5 KB)

The link road would start at a new junction on the A28 and head north across the Great Stour and railway line. (See A-B on plan). A combined viaduct solution is likely rather than individual bridges. This is because the ground conditions are poor and the Great Stour runs close to the railway. The route the road can take is restricted.

From the railway the road would turn east to connect back to the A291 at points (C) and (D). Where the road runs will partly be influenced by the layout of the proposed housing development. The idea at this stage is for a junction in the area of (E) that would allow separate connections to be made to the A291 and A28.

The link road would open up opportunities for improvements to the station including a car park (F). If a new pedestrian footbridge was provided as part of a station upgrade the pedestrian crossing could be closed - Milner Crossing (G).

The new road would be close to another level crossing at Broad Oak (H). The link road would open up the potential opportunity to close the crossing if a suitable connection to the link road could be achieved.


About £29m. It will be funded by contributions from developers and the Department of Transport.