Rathmore Road improvement scheme

Rathmore Road Link, Gravesend

This project is part of Gravesham Borough Council's vision for the Transport Quarter.

The scheme will be supported from the 'Homes & Roads' funding programme for Kent Thameside provided by the Homes and Communities Agency and from Local Growth Funding provided by the Department of Transport to the South East Local Enterprise Partnership.

The scheme includes:

  • improvement of Rathmore Road to make it two way
  • creating a new junction with Wrotham Road/ Stone Street
  • pedestrianising the eastern end of the old Rathmore Road
  • a new enhanced forecourt area for the south side of the station
  • making Clive Road two way
  • moving the current bus stops in Clive Road to Barrack Row
  • entry to Barrack Row from Clive Road to become buses only
  • Darnley Road over the railway bridge to become one way north bound for all except Buses, taxis and cycles.

The scheme objectives are:

  • to move the ring road traffic to the south of the station integrating the station with the town centre
  • to move the ring road traffic on Clive Road and Barrack Row that separates the station from the town centre and the bus stops
  • to move the ring road traffic from Stone Street that separates the Community Square from the Station and bus stops
  • to allow improved public realm on Clive Road and the old Rathmore Road to give improved streetscape and continuity with the earlier Community Square works
  • to improve the southern entrance to the Station with a dedicated drop off facility and disabled parking spaces.

Scheme Plan

Rathmore Road link scheme plan (PDF, 729.5 KB)

Side roads order documents