St Dunstan's regeneration scheme

The St Dunstan’s regeneration scheme was developed following the removal of the 12 month trial layout. 

We attempted to reach a consensus across the community on what the area should look like for the future and a steering group was established, consisting of local businesses, elected Kent County Council members and the City Council.  The group established a set of objectives and a number of options and features for a public consultation.

The St Dunstan's public consultation ran from 16 September to 9 December 2013. The results were reported to the steering group and the following decisions were made:

  • Keep the highway layout as was in place before the trial
  • Install a new pedestrian crossing on Station Road West
  • Establish a 20mph zone
  • Put back the HGV weight limit used in the trial
  • Retain the widened path/footway
  • Establish a width restriction to protect the towers.

The scheme

The following work will start in September 2014:

  • The mini roundabouts will be retained and all traffic movements continue as they currently move in the area.  Guard railing will be installed close to the Westgate Towers to protect and guide pedestrians to the existing crossing in North Lane.
  • A new crossing will be established approximately 15 metres into Station Road West to ensure that there is no conflict with the roundabout.  Pedestrians will be protected and guided to the crossing by new guard rail.
  • A traffic order will be advertised for a 20mp zone in lower St Dunstan’s and close to the tower.
  • A traffic order will be advertised for an HGV weight restriction as was present during the original trial.
  • The path/footway in lower St Dunstan’s Street will be made permanent with paving in keeping with the historic nature of the city and the businesses will have any street furniture licensed to ensure that vulnerable pedestrians are always able to use the path/footway.
  • A traffic order for a width restriction will be advertise.