A28 Chart Road improvement scheme

These are the key dates for this scheme:

  • Review feedback from public engagement – spring 2016
  • Detailed design – 2016 and 2017
  • Land acquisition  - 2016 and 2017
  • Vegetation clearance  - February 2018
  • Construction  - spring 2018 to autumn 2019, subject to satisfactory completion of statutory procedures.

The A28 is the main route serving the south and west side of Ashford. Improvements have already been made from the A28 'Tank' roundabout up to and including its connection with the M20 at Junction 9.

Southwards from the 'Tank' roundabout over the railway to the 'Matalan' roundabout the A28 is a single carriageway that has poor alignment over the railway and has regular congestion and unreliable journey times.

A proposal to change the A28 between the 'Tank' and 'Matalan' roundabouts into 2 lanes each way is being looked at again following the award of Local Growth Funding from the Department of Transport to the South East Local Enterprise Partnership.

The scheme is an improvement of the existing road and it has been determined by the Planning Authority that it is permitted development and does not require planning approval.

The scheme includes:

  • changing the A28 into 2 lanes each way between the 'Tank' and 'Matalan' roundabouts
  • improvement of the 'Tank' roundabout, 'Matalan' roundabout, Loudon Way junction and other intermediate side roads/accesses
  • using the existing railway bridge for the northbound carriageway with construction of a new railway bridge to carry the southbound carriageway
  • extensive landscaping proposals
  • traffic noise screening for adjacent residents
  • provision of continuous shared footway/cycleways on both sides of the road
  • additional controlled crossings, for pedestrians and cyclists, at Loudon Way/Chart Road junction and Chart Road north of Matalan roundabout.

Scheme documents

Compulsory purchase order

The scheme objectives are:

  • to provide improved capacity and safety
  • to relieve congestion and give improved and reliable journey times.

To give feedback about this scheme, please email us at chartroadmajorproject@kent.gov.uk.