St Clements Way, Greenhithe Improvement Scheme

St Clements Way is located on the important A226 strategic route between Dartford and Gravesend, and provides links to the A2 and Dartford Crossing, Bluewater and Crossways business parks. St Clements Way also provides direct access to Greenhithe Station and forms a key link for the Fast-track bus service and other important bus services in the area.

Substantial new development has been built and is planned in the area and this will increase traffic flows and congestion. This improvement scheme forms part of a wider package of improvements (including the A2 Bean junction) aimed at reducing congestion and catering for future growth and development in the Kent Thameside area.

The aim of the scheme is to reduce traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours and to improve overall journey time reliability. This will be achieved by increasing the size and capacity of the St Clements Way/London Road roundabout and the provision of a new bus lane along St Clements Way. The new bus lane will also encourage the use of more sustainable modes of transport, improve existing bus journey times and assist the planned expansion of the Fastrack bus service. The site is highly constrained by existing buildings but where possible existing Kent County Council land will be utilised in the design to maximise the benefits of the scheme. Increased noise is an understandable concern for residents and the intention is to provide a noise fence to screen those residents affected. The design of the noise fence will be integrated into the replacement landscaping proposals for the scheme.

The overall estimated cost of the scheme is £6.9m. It will be funded by a contribution of £4.2m from the Local Growth Funding provided by the Department of Transport to the South East Local Enterprise Partnership and £2.7m from developer contributions.

The scheme objectives are:

  • to reduce traffic congestion
  • to improve overall journey time reliability.
  • to improve existing bus journey times and assist the planned expansion of the Fastrack bus service
  • to provide additional capacity for the junction to cater for increased traffic volumes.

Scheme documents:

  • St Clements Way/London Road roundabout will be enlarged to increase the capacity of the junction and improvements made to the Crossways Boulevard roundabout
  • A new northbound bus lane will be provided between London Road roundabout and Steele Avenue and an additional traffic lane provided between Steele Avenue and the Crossways Boulevard roundabout
  • New traffic signals will be provided at the Steele Avenue junction which will include bus priority signals for the bus lane to allow buses to move across to the offside lane to access Greenhithe Station
  • An additional traffic lane will be provided on the southbound approach to the London Road roundabout
  • The existing footway along St Clements Way between London Road and Mounts Road will be widened and converted to a shared footway/cycleway
  • The existing pedestrian crossings will be upgraded with new efficient signal equipment and the westbound pedestrian crossing outside ASDA will be moved a short distance to improve visibility of the crossing
  • The existing informal crossings of St Clements Way will be removed
  • Noise fencing will be provided and the existing landscaping will be enhanced

Latest updates

  • Jackson Civil Engineering Group Ltd have been appointed as the construction contractor
  • November and December 2017 - advance works to carry out trial holes to locate utility services and set-up the site compound
  • January to February 2018 - vegetation clearance
  • February 2018 to March 2019 – construction period

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Public exhibition

There will be two public exhibitions to provide an update on the scheme design, and information on the construction phasing, traffic and management proposals.

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