Nuisance parking

Parking problems are dealt with by your district council or the police.

Nuisance parking such as parking on the pavement or verge where there are no existing yellow line restrictions, parking over an access or causing an obstruction can be dealt with by the police. They are able to issue a fixed penalty fine or, where they consider it necessary, may even move the vehicle.

If a vehicle is causing an obstruction and is parked behind some yellow lines on the road, your district council enforcement team can issue a penalty charge notice.

Untaxed vehicles

Untaxed vehicles should not be on the road.

If an untaxed vehicle is causing a parking problem in your street, you can report it by contacting the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Abandoned vehicles

If you think a vehicle is abandoned, you need to report it to your district council.

Blocked driveways

If a car is blocked on a driveway, this is a matter for the police. If there is a parked vehicle not allowing an owner to access their driveway, this is a neighbourly dispute and there will be no involvement from the district councils or the police.

School parking

Parking restrictions outside schools, such as zigzag lines or requesting further parking restrictions, are dealt with by the district council.

Selling vehicles on the road

It is an offence for anyone to advertise 2 or more vehicles on the same road or within 500 metres of each other.

Repairing vehicles on the road

It is an offence for anyone to carry out repairs, maintenance and other work to a vehicle on a road. Unless this is repairs resulting from an accident or breakdown within 72 hours of happening.

Common sense needs to be applied to selling and repairing. The laws have clearly been made to stop people from causing a constant parking nuisance by operating a business on the road. They were not made to stop the normal activity that you find on any street where off-road parking is limited.

Yellow lines and waiting restrictions

Find out how to apply for yellow lines or waiting restrictions.