Homework resources

Being a member of the library gives you access to more than 50 online subscriptions free of charge. When you follow the links below you will be asked for your library card number. For licensing reasons, some of our resources are not available remotely and can only be accessed on computers in particular libraries, therefore no link is given. Ask your local library for details.

Britannica Online

Our subscription provides access to three age-specific encyclopedias. Select the most suitable link for your needs in the list below. Enter your borrower number using a capital D.

Britannica Spotlight series

This focuses on subjects covered by the National Curriculum as taught in primary schools, with extracts from relevant Britannica articles together with an activity centre full of pictures to print out and fun learning activities.

Check often as new ones are added all the time.

Visit the Britannica Spotlight series website.

Britannica study guides

Each study guide is a stand-alone mini website where access is given to the relevant Britannica articles as well as a specially created 'activity centre' to challenge students and expand their understanding of topics including:

Credo Reference

Gives you access to more than 1,000 top reference books from some of the world's biggest publishers - everything from art to technology and much more.

Visit the Credo Reference website.

EBSCO UK/EIRE Reference Centre

Need to illustrate your project work? EBSCO holds a huge bank of images rights-cleared for personal use. Also a selection of UK and International magazines, newspapers (including UK local and tabloid papers) and reference books. The EBSCO UK Reference Centre mobile app is also available for Kent library members.

Visit the UK Reference Centre website.

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia

This 17 volume encyclopedia - completely revised and updated 2003 version of the original work published in Germany in 1960 - incorporates recent developments in the animal world. You can use it online and download sections to your eReader to read or listen to at your convenience. Access is through the Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Visit the Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia website.


Provides articles with news and views on each topic, key facts, key statistics, lobby group links, newspaper archives, reference sites, research guides and assignment/debate suggestions on contemporary social issues ranging from abortion and substance abuse to homelessness, racism and waste pollution

Visit the Issues website.

Oxford Dictionaries

With up-to-date online dictionaries, thesauruses, and language reference content, Oxford Dictionaries offer quick search access to definitions of words, phrases and idioms, with links to notes on grammar, usage, spelling, and downloadable correspondence and CV templates, and verb and pronunciation tables. There are also specialist guides for job applications, legal and technical writing.

Oxford Dictionaries also contain a growing number of bilingual dictionaries with content that is continuously evolving to support learning and teaching.

Visit the Oxford Dictionaries website.

Oxford English Dictionary

Widely acknowledged as the most authoritative and comprehensive dictionary of English in the world. It also traces the evolution of more than 600,000 words during the past 1,500 years through 2.5 million quotations from a wide range of sources.

Visit the Oxford English Dictionary website.

Very Short Introductions

This collection offers concise overviews of a diverse range of subject areas - from climate to consciousness, game theory to ancient warfare, privacy to islamic history, entrepreneurship to literary theory. There are over 300 titles suitable for students, scholars, and the avidly curious, bridging the gap between reference content and higher academic work. Written by experts in the field they combine facts, analysis, new ideas and enthusiasm to make challenging topics highly readable. The perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly.

Visit the Very Short Introductions website.

Free websites

BBC Bitesize

Learning resources for school and home for key stages 1 to 3 and GCSE level students.

Visit the BBC Bitesize website.

Historical currency converter

Find out how much today's money would have been worth in a particular decade or how much yesterday's money is worth today.

Visit the currency converter page on the National Archives website.

National Archives Education

Award winning suite of online resources for students and teachers on various periods of history from medieval times to today via the Victorians and the world wars. Includes podcasts, lesson plans linked to downloadable documents and video-assisted tours of various resources.

Visit the education pages of the National Archives website.

Oxford Owl

An award-winning website packed with expert advice, top tips, eBooks and activities to help you support your child's reading and maths at home. Free registration.

Visit the Oxford Owl website.

Woodlands Web

A site packed full of homework help resources and games suitable for primary school age children.

Visit the Woodlands Web website.