Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope exhibition policy

Programming places an emphasis on quality, audience development and professional development for artists:


We aim to build a reputation for high quality programming by showing a wide spectrum of contemporary work. We help develop new artists on a longer term basis and contribute to the development of good practice in the wider arts management profession. We strive to act as a show case within Kent.

Audience development

Situated under the same roof as the library and museum, the traditional boundaries between these three facilities are broken down to facilitate audience crossover. We aim to provide the opportunity to the people of Sevenoaks and West Kent to experience and participate in high-quality arts activities. 

Continuous professional development of early career and established artists

Kaleidoscope will encourage creative excellence and experimentation, and invest in the creative talent of artists and individuals. It will be a place where artists can innovate and experiment.

Future exhibitions

We are always happy to hear from artists and curators with proposals for exhibitions.

Proposals should be emailed to