Oliver Edy

Something I found exciting was that, rather than just working for a company’s profit, I would actually be having a positive impact on people’s lives.

Age: 23

University: Royal Holloway, University of London (Masters in Theoretical Physics)

I am currently involved with Phase 3 of the Adults Transformation Programme. This has involved working alongside Newton Europe, an international consultancy firm whose goals are to improve operations and change the culture within the council. To this end, the Transformation Programme aims to improve lives by ensuring every pound spent in Kent is delivering better outcomes for Kent’s residents, communities, and businesses.

My role has not just been sat behind a desk working with datasets, as I have also had the opportunity to meet with front end teams and see how my work is actually affecting people.

One of the things I have enjoyed most about working with both the council and an external consultancy is that I have the opportunity to learn from and develop with both. This is helping me to develop a varied and complete skillset, which I hope to use in future transformation projects as part of the council.

Why I applied for the Kent Graduate Programme operational research stream

I was drawn to the Kent Graduate Programme because of its reputation for the unparalleled level of support and development received by graduates, while offering them varied and exciting challenges. In fact, every person I meet still excitedly tells me about what an amazing opportunity the scheme is. It really is true, as I can’t think of another position in which I would have been entrusted with this level of responsibility, or been able to get involved in so many projects.

The operational research stream in particular was just the opportunity I had been looking for, as it would be a role in which I could use and apply the analytical and problem-solving skills I had developed over the course of my degree in real-world scenarios. Something I found equally exciting was that, rather than just working for a company’s profit, I would actually be having a positive impact on people’s lives.

Finally, one of the biggest draws of the council was just how varied the roles within it are. With the development opportunities offered by this graduate scheme, I have already been able to make connections and build networks all over the council. This means that no two days in the council are the same, and I’ve been able to put my skillset to the test.

Current Placement

Adults Phase 3 Transformation Programme

You should apply if...

  • you wish to be involved in a fast-paced but supportive environment
  • you are keen to take an active role in the development of your own skillset
  • you want a role with no shortage of opportunities to progress.