Max Guest

I want to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable members of our society. The graduate programme can offer me this opportunity.

Age: 23

University: Durham University, Law (MJur, LLB Hons)

My most recent placement finds me seconded for 6 months with IESE, a public sector consultancy firm. In this position I am required to travel and engage with a range of hosting public sector organisations. The team’s key target is to minimise wasted expenditure for the host and increase the efficiency and quality of service provision.

I have currently been tasked with a range of activities designed to directly support the consultants in the work they do. Thus far I have been required to draft an options appraisal, conduct activity analysis interviews and analyse demand failure. I am learning many skills that I will be able to bring back to KCC in order to continue to improve efficiency and prevent wasted expenditure.

Conducting process mapping has also helped me to understand any given service through following it from start to end. This has enabled me to quickly critique and evaluate the success or otherwise of the service before providing recommendations for improvement. Accordingly, I now feel much more confident coming to terms with novel areas of service provision.

Why I applied for the Kent Graduate Programme management stream

My reasoning for both studying law and applying for the Kent Graduate Management Stream stemmed from a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable members of our society. I saw a job in the public sector as an excellent opportunity to realise this objective.

Second to this, I could find no better and more supported opportunity to develop my own skill sets and knowledge of the multitude of functions fulfilled by the public sector. Through rotating between four separate placements I hope to cultivate an understanding as to where my own personal interests and strengths lie. It is my belief that developing such an insight at the early stages of one’s career is a springboard for success.

Current placement:

Improvement and Efficiency Social Enterprise (IESE)

You should apply if you...

  • have a desire to develop yourself into a valuable asset through effort, criticism and success
  • are an innovative thinker, with an ability to approach complex problems from new angles
  • want to see your work having a real impact on your community and its residents.