Matthew Hazelton

I am given responsibility in real projects that will make a real difference in the county and potentially beyond.

Age: 21

University: University of Exeter, Law (LLB)

One aspect of my role is to lead the business planning process for the Social Care, Health and Wellbeing (SCHWB) directorate. Business planning is a constitutional requirement and demands that each directorate or division create a plan for the next year, including their strategic priorities and a summary of all the contracts they take care of.

Additionally, I work with other members of the team to co-ordinate business planning throughout the council. This has meant creating timelines for completion, organising and running a workshop to educate staff and being a point of contact for relevant staff. This has really helped me to gain strategic knowledge as well as experience overseeing a project.

Why I applied for the Kent Graduate Programme management stream

I applied to the graduate programme primarily because I was attracted to joining Kent County Council as it allows me the opportunity to see very different areas of work, from policy making, social care, health and wellbeing and housing development planning. There is a huge range of possibilities available to build a career in. There is also a real sense of personal development running through the graduate programme. I often have meetings with my mentor or line manager to discuss how I am developing and what I want to improve professionally.

The programme also offers the chance to work with other graduates. Being placed in a team, it would be easy to just fall into a normal office attitude. But every Tuesday we meet up for ‘Grad Day’ which involves us working on a project together that is totally separate from our placement work. I like that this allows me to work with others of a similar age (which aids your social life) as well as learning from everything they are doing in their placements.

Finally, graduates are really respected in the council. I am given responsibility in real projects that will make a real difference in the county and potentially beyond.  People respect the graduates and that is a real draw to this programme.

Current placement:

Strategy, Policy, Relationships and Corporate Assurance team (SPRCA)

You should apply if you...

  • are looking for a career, not just a job. There are plenty of opportunities to progress in the council and there are a multiple pathways for development.
  • are looking to be given real responsibility with a support framework to ensure you aren’t overtasked. You will be given tasks that will make a real difference to your community.
  • are ready to innovate. This role also requires you to be adjustable and understand that the council is changing and will need its staff to change with it.