Matt Liggins

Kent represented an exciting opportunity, as one of the largest councils in the country, which was continuing to deliver good services despite national financial challenges.

Age: 23

University: University of Essex - BA Philosophy and Politics

My first placement was with Sensory Services, a specialist county-wide team focussed at meeting the needs of sensory-impaired residents of Kent. During my time with Sensory Services I lead on several distinct projects such as designing and recruiting a new unique role to the team, the ‘Deaf Community Worker', implementing video-communication to communicate more effectively with d/Deaf sign-language users, and updating the teams marketing and communication strategy.

I am currently placed with Sustainable Business and Communities which is a team with a very broad remit, covering such things as low-carbon projects across the Southeast, improved energy-efficient homes, supporting green businesses, adapting to climate change and increasing resilience to severe weather events.

My role in the team is to lead on the initiation phase of a 3 year, EU project within Kent known as “FRAMES” (Flood Resilient Areas by Multi-LayEred Safety). The wider EU project includes partner organisations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Germany, and so partnership working is a strong feature of the project. Within Kent, FRAMES aims to assess the impact of flooding (and other severe weather), on the Health and Social Care sector. Once the assessment is complete, high-risk sites/services will be identified and resilience measures will be designed and implemented to ensure Kent’s Health and Social Care, and indeed it’s vulnerable residents, can cope with future flooding and other severe weather.

Why I applied for the Kent Graduate Programme management stream

After leaving university I was unsure what area of work I wanted to pursue, but I knew that long term I wanted to do something which would make a positive impact in the world, and so the public sector definitely appealed to me. Having no professional experience, the primary attractive feature of the Kent Graduate Programme for me, was the opportunity to gain experience in such a broad range of areas in a relatively short time. KCC has employees working in just about every industry possible from social care, to highways and transport, political process and policy, renewable energies, housing development, public health, financial investment and more.

A total of 4 placements of 6 months each means I will develop a good level of professional understanding in several distinct industries, which in turn will help me to move into whichever area of work appeals to me most, and with the skills I need to be effective in that role.

Current placement:

Sustainable Business and Communities

You should apply if you...

  • are unsure what career path to pursue and want to gain professional experience in several areas of work in a short time-period
  • would like to pursue a career in the public sector, and want to help improve the lives of 1.5 million people
  • are a flexible, innovative person who enjoys a high degree of variation in their work