Ellen Blakemore

The support structure at Kent County Council is great.

Age: 22

University: University of Sussex.

I studied a BA Hons in Politics with a year abroad, which I spent in the Netherlands.

Why did you apply for the Kent Graduate Programme - Management Stream?

I applied because I knew that I wanted to work in local government but I didn’t know what areas in particular, so I thought this scheme would give me the flexibility to try out different departments and learn new skills in the process. I knew the support structure here was great and it seemed like the ideal opportunity to pursue my career in the public sector. The opportunity to work for such a great local authority as Kent County Council was also a factor in my application.

Current placement:

SPP Flood and Water Management, Growth, Environment and Transport

You should apply if you…

  • want the challenge of multiple placements, across multiple departments and to engage with people from all over Kent
  • are someone who likes to hit the ground running and make the most of the opportunities you are given.  It is a bit of a cliché, but this scheme really is what you make of it and the support structure here is such that you will be guided at every stage of your development
  • are an innovative thinker who is able to solve problems creatively - local government is facing increasing pressures and needs people who will look at issues in new ways, while still being able to deliver the services that 1.5 million local people expect.