Rachel O'Connor

Main Grade Educational Psychologist in Gravesham

I completed my training as an educational psychologist in Kent and then began work as a fully qualified educational psychologist in Gravesend in September 2014. I was very happy to continue as part of the Kent Educational Psychology Service as I had enjoyed learning as part of such a large team and valued the opportunities this provided me to liaise with colleagues who had trained at other universities. This enabled me to consider in depth, via peer supervision, a range of psychological frameworks when exploring formulations and hypothesis regarding how best to understand each situation I encountered during consultations.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is being able to work with the Virtual School in Kent (VSK). Kent supports a significant number of children in care and aims to enable them to make good progress with their educational attainment. I find it very rewarding to work with the VSK team to consider how psychological factors may be affecting a child's progress and support schools and carers in their endeavour to reduce the impact of these barriers to learning.

I love working with families and schools and much of what I do has been informed by my training as a Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) practitioner. In particular, I enjoy using VIG to support parents and key workers as they help young children with special needs adapt to the social expectations of school and nursery life.