Christopher Clarke

Main Grade Educational Psychologist

I have worked for Kent Educational Psychology Service for 5 years: two years as a trainee and three years fully qualified.

I decided to remain working for Kent because of the diversity of Educational Psychologists present. I find it good practice to listen and hear about their alternative views about the children's needs and how they can be met. I also find at Kent that they do not prescribe to a certain 'type' of psychologist, they encourage and welcome diversity, which I think brings a lot of benefits. 

I also value the continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities offered in Kent. Recently we have received talks about literacy and resiliency, both of which challenge entrenched views you may see in school. This sort of training allows me to challenge, in a friendly way, what schools are doing to support children. Whilst these are whole service CPD, you can still undertake individual CPD that may be of interest to yourself.

We are a traded service, which I see a value in. Schools can buy in to us and we can develop excellent working relationships. Through these relationships we can commission a range of projects. I have recently been able to encourage schools to use an oral language comprehension scheme. I'm hoping in the long term that we can have a control group so that we can see the benefits it has for children compared to school wide resources. However, only time will tell!