Payments for children's social work professionals

We offer competitive pay, and reward the hard work of our staff. You can find full salary information in our vacancies.

The following market premium payments are made in addition to your salary (subject to terms and conditions):

Market premium paymentFrequency Newly Qualified Social Worker Experienced Social Worker Senior Practitioner Team Manager

£3,000 Annual Retention Payment

Payments split June/December  Yes **  Yes **  Yes **  Yes **

£2,000 Car Market Premium

Paid Monthly  Yes **  Yes **  Yes **  Yes **

£410 Car Market Premium

Paid Monthly      Yes ***  Yes ***  

Further eligibility criteria may apply.

** Candidates appointed to the following:

  • District Children’s Social Work Teams
  • Children in Care Teams
  • Central Referral Unit / Out Of Hours
  • Disabled Children’s Service
  • Adolescent Teams
  • Team Managers in all SCS teams (where applicable)

*** This payment applies to all other Specialist Children's Service teams