Calibration services

Our calibration service covers weights, temperature, length, capacity, metering systems and weighbridge test units.

We undertake calibration and certification of weights and measuring equipment for industry and Trading Standards throughout the South of England and beyond.

We offer:

  • a modern laboratory incorporating state of the art measuring equipment
  • an average five working day turnaround of your equipment
  • an annual calibration due reminder service
  • collection/delivery service (free for large quantities)
  • experienced and helpful technicians on hand to provide advice
  • inventory management


We certify for the following categories:

  • Class M1 UKAS certification 1 mg to 30 kg
  • Class F2 UKAS certification 1 mg to 30 kg
  • Class F1 UKAS certification 1 mg to 30 kg
  • UKAS certification 50 kg to 1300 kg.
  • We also have calibrated weights available for hire. Kent Scientific Services is a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory No. 0352

Weighing machines

We offer on and off site UKAS accredited calibration and certification of electronic weighing instruments of up to 1,150kg capacity.

Non-electronic (mechanical) weighing instruments are calibrated and certified providing traceability to national standards. Kent Scientific Service  is a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory No. 0352.


We offer UKAS accredited thermometer calibration of liquid in glass, and electronic thermometers. We can calibrate as many points as you wish between –70°C and +250°C.


Measures of length up to 30m, Micrometers and vernier calipers are calibrated by comparison with nationally traceable standards.

Capacity and volume

We certify and adjust petrol measures for use on garage forecourts to Kent County Local Standards of Capacity.

Other measures of capacity and volume calibrated by comparison with the nationally traceable Kent County Local Standards of Capacity or gravimetrically.

Metering systems

We have a fully equipped mobile reference meter testing unit certified to legal metrology requirements. It is used by Trading Standards departments for routine inspection and verification of domestic delivery tanker vehicle mounted metering systems.

Bulk liquid flow meters are calibrated at flow rates up to 1,200 litres per minute with traceability to national standards.

Access a service

Call 03000 41 51 00 or email if you are interested in accessing our services.