Legal advice about regulatory and criminal law

Our regulatory and criminal prosecution team is one of the most diverse practises in Kent Legal Services, which advises and represents a wide range of public sector clients including the Police and Crime Commissioner, other local authorities, educational institutions and charities.

We have provided a close-knit in-house service to our Trading Standards department for the last 10 years. We work very closely with our client to adopt the right strategy to achieve formidable results. In recent times we have conducted high profile cases, which have been reported in local and national news. We also always strive to recover our client's costs which can often run to several thousand pounds.

Areas of expertise:

  • Trading Standards law
  • health and safety
  • education prosecutions for non-school attendance
  • judicial review for gypsies and traveller matters, advising on policies, licence and pitch agreements
  • advising and assisting on possession proceedings against travellers
  • unauthorised encampment
  • probation breaches
  • disclosure (concerning school children and suspected child abuse matters)
  • Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act

In addition, we provide Seminars and Bespoke Legal Training on all of the above areas.

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