Buying a photocopier

If you work for a Kent school, you need to ensure that you do not enter into a finance lease as these are prohibited by the Department for Education and Kent County Council's Scheme for Financing Schools. You should only enter into an operating lease, which will allow you to rent the equipment directly from a manufacturer or supplier who retains responsibility for maintenance and repair.

Effective buying for your school

Converting your school into an academy

Read the GOV.UK convert to an academy guidance

Conversion will mean that Kent County Council will no longer have control over staff, land and assets, but also the newly converted Academy will no longer be able to access any of the services it once received from the Kent County Council, unless it purchases them.

Outsourcing services and staff pensions

If you outsource certain services in schools, for example the catering services, you will need to go through a procurement process. During this process, the staff currently providing the services will transfer to the successful organisation. That organisation will need to apply to the Kent County Council to become part of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), unless that organisation has a pension scheme which is comparable to the LGPS, to ensure continuity of the staff's pension benefits.