Eve Steer


Telephone: 03000 41 76 27

Email: eve.steer@kent.gov.uk


Eve studied law at the University of the West Indies following which she migrated to England.

She volunteered for the Citizen’s Advice Bureau specialising in employment law and representation at Employment Tribunal.  She went on to manage other volunteers at the Court Desk at Kingston County Court, dealing with mortgage and rent arrears  and providing debt advice.

From there, she went on work as an in-house legal advisor to two companies successively in the then newly emerging self-storage industry where she carried out acquisitions in addition to advising on employment and insurance matters.

She joined a large public company where she was charged with an aggressive property roll out programme. She also worked on a range of non-property related matters.

Her last role before joining KCC was at Lewes District Council at the time when it merged with  Eastbourne Borough Council.  There she worked on property and contract matters.