TIGER success stories

A A Tikare & Associates Dental Surgery

Funding approved: £50,000
Total jobs: 5

A A Tikare & Associates Dental Surgery are looking to expand their business by creating two new surgeries.  Contact them at aatikare@yahoo.co.uk or on 01474 534995.

Ashby & Croft Limited

Funding approved: £109,700
Total jobs: 21

Ashby & Croft Ltd is expanding its innovative modular building systems (MBS)  and the TIGER fund will help create new yard surfaces to expand the operational areas, a new security office and new lighting to provide a more secure and operational site especially during the hours of darkness and poor weather conditions. Contact them at michael.anthony@ashbycroft.com or on 01708 869600.

Astro Communications Ltd

Funding approved: £85,000
Total jobs: 8

Astro Communications Ltd are a well-established, high quality provider of communications services. Contact them at steve.hodges@astro.co.uk or on 01322 261010.

Bates Office Services Ltd

Funding approved: £185,215
Total jobs: 39

Bates Office Services is a UK wide Office supplies company and require new enlarged premises. Contact them at paul.tucker@batesoffice.co.uk or on 01322 550167.

Blackbox Document Solutions Ltd

Funding approved: £100,000
Total jobs: 15

Blackbox Document Solutions supplies digital print, scan and copy networked systems, on a business-to business basis.  Blackbox provides all of its document and IT solutions on a range of rental and service support agreements. With offices in London and Rochester, Blackbox is strategically placed to service clients across the South East. Business leaders are always looking at ways to reduce costs and increase productivity - Blackbox has specialist knowledge in this area and has partnered many local business to improve their document workflow and drive down IT and print costs. Contact them at colin@blackbox-solutions.co.uk or on 0845 4532007.

Brightwater Technology Ltd

Funding approved: £171,250
Total jobs: 17

Brightwater Technology Ltd intend to develop and manufacture a new water treatment system offering significant performance and environmental benefits over current technology. Contact them on 01795 890590.

Claimaday.com Limited

Funding approved: £121,213
Total jobs: 46

Claimaday.com Ltd will become the go to website for those planning public events. TIGER funding will assist our training activities, and help in the latter stages of website build and design, thus accelerating our market entry and national coverage of the UK. Contact them at d.swain@claimaday.com.

Contracts Engineering Ltd

Funding approved: £93,537
Total jobs: 5

Contracts Engineering Ltd (CEL) is a precision engineering manufacturer, specialising in sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing for the general industrial, retail fittings, consumer and office and heating, ventilation and air conditioning end markets. CEL manufactures for customers predominantly in the UK, while a large portion of its products are shipped around Europe, as well as to the Middle East, Asia and North America.
CEL required TIGER funding to replace its current CNC turret punching machine. Contact them at tbarratt@contractsengineering.com.

Crosswater Limited

Funding approved: £217,247
Total jobs: 16

Crosswater Ltd design and supply prestigious and unique bathroom products and have come to TIGER to expand the company's export business. Contact them at tim.powell@crosswater.co.uk or on 0845 8738841.

Digital Contact Ltd

Funding approved: £731,868
Total jobs: 38

Digital Contact Ltd is an emerging ITC start-up focused on 'big data'. They aim to become a global provider of big data analytics - generating high-skilled jobs inside the TIGER area to accommodate their technical research and development requirements. Contact them at gareth.mann@trading.co.uk.

Dream Days for You Ltd

Funding approved: £70,000
Total jobs: 13

Dream Days for You are looking to revive an old social club which has been disused to create both a social centre for the local community especially the Asian community for their cultural events for which there are no other suitable local facilities. It will also become the home of a crockery hire business and event broker service.

Dr. Oats Ltd

Funding approved: £100,000
Total jobs: 13

Dr. Oats manufactures innovative beverages and is the only company to manufacture and sell fruit & oat beverages in the UK market. Contact them at admin@droats.co.uk or on 01634 319195.

East Kent Recycling Limited

Funding approved: £250,000
Total jobs: 34

East Kent Recycling supply waste management and skip hire in Kent and operate a recycling facility at the Oare Creek, Faversham. The proposal is to expand the recycling centre in order to increase avoidance to landfill, develop new recycling facilities, create new jobs and increase capacity to offer more local businesses facilities to tip waste. Contact them at khcampion@aol.com or on 01233 740174.

E H Nicholls Jnr Ltd

Funding approved: £2,499,000
Total jobs: 113

E H Nicholls Jnr Ltd are a road haulage firm that operates throughout the UK and Northern Europe. E H Nicholls Ltd are moving to a new site and TIGER will contribute to funding new buildings on the site. Contact them at darren@nicholls-uk.co.uk or on 01795 421777.

Entity Group Limited

Funding approved: £250,000
Total jobs: 81

Entity Group Limited applied to the TIGER Fund to transform and grow the company as the enterprise Information Management specialist of choice. Contact them at james.wilkinson@entity.co.uk.

Fabritec Furniture Limited

Funding approved: £300,000
Total jobs: 24

Fabritec Furniture is a leading manufacturer of office, residential, healthcare and educational furniture for the commercial market, working with the TIGER fund to invest in new equipment to maximise production and employ additional staff. Contact them at jimmyc@fabritecfurniture.com .

Faversham Laundry Limited

Funding approved: £400,000
Total jobs: 120

Faversham Laundry Ltd is an independent, family owned business providing commercial linen and work wear services. Contact them at nigel@favershamlaundry.co.uk or on 01795 532547.

Feed Me Bottles Ltd

Funding approved: £200,000
Total jobs: 35

Feed Me Bottles manufactures 'yoomi' - a unique, patent protected self-warming baby bottle that is now available in fifteen countries.  The TIGER Fund will enable the business to relocate to Medway and increase in size by a factor of three, safeguarding existing jobs and generating new manufacturing jobs. Contact them at jim@yoomi.com.

Food Machinery Co Ltd

Funding approved: £197,175
Total jobs: 17

Food Machinery Co Ltd specialises in the maintenance and construction of industrial food processing machinery. Food Machinery Co Ltd are expanding by building new offices and development laboratory. Contact them at mike@foodmc.com.

Freelance Diary Ltd

Funding approved: £25,000
Total jobs: 8

Freelance Diary is the innovative new network for professionals working in the creative industries. It features the first free diary and invoice service that makes booking freelancers and managing projects easy. Contact them on 07940 734901.

GCSI Limited

Funding approved: £195,000
Total jobs: 32

GCSI Limited is a low carbon installer and Green Deal approved installer for gas and oil boilers, heating control and loft and cavity insulation and was one of the first to be approved in Kent. Contact them at grenville@gcsilimited.co.uk.

GDM Partnership Building Services Consultants Limited

Funding approved: 300,000
Total jobs: 30

GDM Partnership Building Services Consultants Limited are within the field of Building Services, designing innovative low energy and sustainable solutions for the built environment.

Geku UK Limited

Funding approved: £261,200
Total jobs: 20

Geku UK Ltd are a Hi - Tech automation and robotics system manufacturer. The TIGER loan will be used to develop the business, through increasing factory space and providing the opportunity to take on larger and more complex projects. Contact them at nigel@geku.co.uk or on 01634 863111.

Gillard Editing

Funding approved: £30,000
Total jobs: 3

Gillard Editing offers specialist editing services, optical character recognition, conversion to eBooks, image editing and transcription. The TIGER Funding will be used to secure viability, enable further development of various services. Contact them on 01795 858010 or visit their website.

Heat Domestic Limited, The Heating Hub and Heat and Home

Funding approved: £40,000
Total jobs: 12

The Heating Hub are a specialist, multi-disciplinary heating company qualified to work on domestic and commercial gas, oil, biomass and solar systems. The Heating Hub aim to establish themselves as a centre of excellence in combined fossil fuel and renewable heating through the recruitment and training of more specialist engineers and expansion of their apprenticeship scheme. Contact them at jo.alsop@heathome.co.uk.

Leisure King Ltd

Funding approved: £25,000
Total jobs: 3

Leisure King operates a successful event equipment hire business and will use the TIGER Funding to develop new products and utilise new premises. Contact them at sarah.redpath@leisureking.biz or on 01322 479909.

LMR Gear Tech Ltd

Funding approved: £145,000
Total jobs: 11

LMR Gear Tech require capital equipment to increase production and quality assurance; as well as to develop an apprenticeship arm to secure long term staff succession. Contact them at dave@lmrgeartech.com.

Pixelwork Ltd

Funding approved: £22,000
Total jobs: 9

Pixelwork Ltd are a digital communications company with a renowned expertise for developing innovative websites and other marketing assets, that encompass the latest technologies and trends to ensure their clients branding and communications stand head and shoulders above the competition. Pixelwork Limited want to expand their team to support their innovative thinking and cross platform delivery around content development with community and corporate audiences. Contact them at lucy@pixelwork.com.

Puretone Ltd

Funding approved: £54,929
Total jobs: 8

Puretone Ltd are the last privately owned British designer and manufacturer of hearing instruments in the UK.The TIGER funding will be used to buy updated equipment. Contact them at gerry@puretone.net or on 01634 4719427.

Rekola Recycling Limited

Funding approved: £142,000
Total jobs: 34

TIGER funding is required to undertake the purchase of equipment and machinery and to complete structural projects which will help the company to provide and support their current innovative recycling services. Contact them at or on rekolarecycling@ymail.com or on 01375 855884.

Russell Distillers

Funding approved: £243,954
Total jobs: 10

Russell Distillers Ltd are establishing a Craft Distillery in Medway producing Premium Hand Crafted Gin, and Vodka. Contact them at matthew.russell@beamsint.com or on 01634 265479.

Social Advisors Ltd.

Funding approved: £75,000
Total jobs: 13

Social Advisors is developing a managed service to businesses that enables them to maximise the benefits of social media with the minimum risk to their brand or regulatory obligations. Contact them at simon@socialadvisors.co.uk.

TCS Micropumps Ltd

Funding approved: £323,087
Total jobs: 47

TCS Micropumps have developed a unique series of small, high efficiency brushless pump systems which are rapidly finding new applications in diverse sectors from aerospace to medical devices. TIGER funding will be used to help facilitate growth. Contact them at richard@micropumps.co.uk

The Portable Office Company Limited

Funding approved: £165,000
Total jobs: 8

The Portable Office Company is an ICT company which has developed cloud services delivery software. Contact them at pete@pocster.com or on 08717 167945.

Transnordic Ltd

Funding approved: £52,539
Total jobs: 15

Transnordic are a UK hydraulic valve manufacturer. They manufacture mobile hydraulic control valves, diverter and circuit valves with flows up to 300 ltr per minute and pressure up to 320 bar. Providing both technical assistance at pre and post purchase. Contact them at transnordic@aol.com.

Vending Services (se) Ltd

Funding approved: £50,000
Total jobs: 15

Vending Services Ltd supplies, installs, maintains and stocks a wide range of food and drinks vending machines. Contact them at info@vendingservices.co.uk or on 01634 290296.

Vortex Exhaust Technology Ltd

Funding approved: £240,000
Total jobs: 47

Vortex Exhaust Technology Limited specialise in developing carbon emissions reduction products for diesel and petrol engines - mainly exhaust components. The products that they develop, manufacture and market will reduce carbon emissions over a wide range of diesel or petrol engine applications. Contact them at enq@vortexexhausttechnology.com.

W.E. Roberts (Corrugated) Ltd

Funding approved: £500,000
Total jobs: 80

W.E. Roberts (Corrugated) Ltd manufacture corrugated cardboard. The TIGER Fund will be used to help support the companies improvement programme, achieve company accreditations and grow their manufacturing capacity. Contact them at r.puffette@wer.co.uk or on 01474 574613.

Wozair Limited

Funding approved: £1,013,250
Total jobs: 178

The company designs and manufactures specialist heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and systems for the worldwide oil and gas, nuclear and marine industries. Contact them at simon.collins@wozair.com or on 01634 263366.

8point3 Limited

Funding approved: £200,000
Total jobs: 75

8point3 manufacture and deliver bespoke LED lighting solutions to the public and private sector. TIGER funding is required to secure the growth of the company. Contact them at ashley.bateup@8point3led.co.uk.