UK Youth Parliament representatives for Kent

Each year the Kent Youth County Council elects 7 Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) who represent Kent nationally at UK Youth Parliament events.

This year's elected members are:

  • Ben Stanley – Member for Swale
  • Beth Thornton – Member for Ashford
  • Dami Salako – Member for Maidstone
  • Elena Ewence – Member for Maidstone
  • Eleanor Burnaby-Rouse – Member for Ashford
  • Luke Bignell – Member for Tunbridge Wells
  • Jenn Power – Member for Thanet

This year's elected deputy members are:

  • Claude Evele – Member for Canterbury
  • Freddy Waters – Member for Canterbury
  • Daniel Faulkner – Member for Dartford
  • Aidan Mars – Member for Tunbridge Wells
  • Tom Lee – Member for Dartford
  • Harmony Chapman – Member for Gravesham
  • Aidyn Harrison – Member for Tonbridge

Below (left to right): Ben Stanley, Dami Salako, Elena Ewence, Eleanor Burnaby-Rouse, Luke Bignell, Beth Thornton and Jenn Power