UK Youth Parliament representatives for Kent

Each year the Kent Youth County Council elects 7 Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) who represent Kent nationally at UK Youth Parliament events.

This year's elected members are:

  • Eleanor Burnaby-Rouse - Member for Ashford
  • Kane Blackwell – Member for Swale
  • Joshua Gray – Member for Maidstone
  • Luke Bignell – Member for Tunbridge Wells
  • Beth Thornton – Member for Ashford
  • Claude Evele- Member for Canterbury
  • Lilly Ebsworth – Member for Maidstone

These Kent MYPs elected in February 2016 will support the UK Youth Parliament issues at regular events through the year. This year’s issues were decided in November 2015, following a debate in the House of Commons. Along with 7 UKYP elected members a further 7 deputies were also elected.

Below (left to right): Joshua Gray, Kane Blackwell, Beth Thornton, Eleanor Burnaby-Rouse, Luke Bignell, Lilly Ebsworth and Claude Evele.

UK Youth Parliament representatives