Tunbridge Wells Kent Youth County Council members

Tunbridge Wells members of Kent Youth County Council


Aidan M

Tunbridge Wells is suffering an epidemic of drug problems, an issue with race, and an issue with practical joking that soon gets much worse.


Young people are the future of this nation. For the children of today we will be the leaders of tomorrow!


I want you to vote for me because I believe that we can help the young people of this generation, after all we are the future of the Earth.


I'm passionate about helping young people to have a say in what happens in their communities and would be very excited to make a difference!

Deputy Members

Aiden K

I believe that I can help the younger generation and give to them what they deserve.


I am an experienced member of the KYCC who wants to improve health and education in Kent.


I am a very enthusiastic person and really enjoy getting involved in community issues. I want to give all young people a strong voice.