Thanet and Dover Kent Youth County Council members

Thanet and Dover members of Kent Youth County Council



My campaign is for all young people in Kent Schools to have the chance to achieve their full potential including LGBT+ and other minorities.


I believe that as soon as citizens come together with the passion to serve and succeed then our society will change for the better.


I want to ensure that our generation has all that it can to achieve greatness. No matter who we are, we should all have the chance do well.


I will always fight to make Kent a safer and better place for everyone. I am kind, caring and hardworking.


I don't just want to give young people a voice; I want that voice to matter! I hope to campaign and make our community a better place.


I want to listen to young people and fight to make Kent a better place. Kent should be safer with more things for young people to do in their free time.


I am very passionate about changing the community for the better and believe that I can bring a lot of ideas to the council. I care a lot about my council and will work with anyone to make it better.


I am kind and hardworking. I want the best for you.

Deputy members


I feel that I could make a positive difference acting as a voice for the youth in the community in which I live.