Swale Kent Youth County Council members

Swale members of Kent Youth County Council



I want to make a difference and help our local communities.


I am a hard worker and believe the youth of Kent need more of a say on issues that concern them. Someone’s problem is my problem too.


I feel I have the knowledge, confidence and experience to change our community for the better.


As an active member in my community, I know and talk to a variety of people. This enables me to hear everyone’s ideas and opinions which I will bring to the council.

Deputy members


You can trust me to stand up for your views and ensure your point is discussed. I will help young people with mental health issues in Kent.


I would like to voice the opinions of all the teenagers in Swale and I would also like to help make big changes to Swale's public transport.


I can clearly demonstrate my ability to listen and act upon what young people say and do. I already am and will continue to change Swale.