Shepway Kent Youth County Council members

Shepway members of Kent Youth County Council



I'm passionate about improving young peoples lives and their involvement in politics. I want to improve issues surrounding mental health.


I will represent all the lost, disregarded voices of our generation, to establish a collaborative future which speaks for your opinions.


I will work to keep bus passes affordable, provide employment skills and opportunities, and ensure KYCC makes our voices heard during Brexit.


I am a good talker, kind and caring person who would go out of his way to help others, I listen, am trustworthy, and I am also intelligent.

Deputy members


I have stood for Shepway for 3 years and I feel that I have accomplished many things, but I do believe that there is more I want to achieve.


I wish to make life easier for people who live with/have mental/physical disabilities, I feel KYCC will give me the opportunity to do this.


I am hardworking and want to make a difference to the young people in Kent.