Maidstone Kent Youth County Council members

Maidstone members of Kent Youth County Council



I will involve more young people in the community and local politics, to give us the chance to make real change and make our voices heard!


I want to discourage discrimination and bullying, whilst voicing the youth community's issues.


I will speak up for issues affecting young people such as leisure, bus services and more.


I know a lot about global issues going on now and I am ready and waiting to hear what others opinions are and to address them accordingly.

Deputy members


I care greatly about the community of Maidstone and shall do everything in my power to improve life and hear the problems of the young.


I am fun and determined. I want to change the stigma of 'being a young politician is uncool' and make politics fun for young people.


I have been in KYCC for 2 years, and worked with the transport campaign mainly, I want to continue to make transport better for young people.


I would like children & young people in Maidstone to have their voices heard and to inspire kids like me to become well rounded individuals.