Ashford Kent Youth County Council members

Ashford members of Kent Youth County Council



I would love to be your representative because I feel I can truly make a difference to the services and lives of the youths in Kent.


I have leadership experience and the past experience of KYCC which has helped me develop skills. I now wish to continue the work I have been doing at KYCC.


I think it is vital for young people to be listened to as I feel their opinions are incredibly valuable and can make a positive difference.


I'm confident and strong minded.

Deputy members


I am able to create a better environment and society to make Kent a better place.


I will help to stop bullying and make fights non existent, as well as racist comments.


I am committed to making Kent a safe place for everyone. We must have a united voice in our future and the ability to make sound decisions.


I am dedicated to making a difference with the issues in my community and I feel that I can offer support in a variety of different areas.