Members 2017 - Kent Youth County Council

Kent Youth County Council (KYCC) members represent young people in their area. They help to voice their opinions and bring about change.

To stand for election as a member of KYCC, you have to:

  • be 11-18 years old
  • live, go to school or work in Kent
  • tell us what you want to campaign on and why people should vote for you.

You'll need to come to at least 10 meetings per year.

KYCC district and community members 2017



Thank you so much for everyone that voted for me, I promise to work hard to improve the lives and services for young people in Kent.


I have leadership experience and the past experience of KYCC which has helped me develop skills. I now wish to continue the work I have been doing at KYCC.


I am delighted to be carrying on at KYCC for my 2nd year and have enjoyed being part of the KYCC cabinet and anti-bullying campaign. Over the next year I would like to further help the young people of Kent by being part of KYCC.


I hope to become a strong voice for young people across Kent and campaign for issues that you think matter.


I'm confident and strong minded.

Other members

  • Beth
  • Lauren
  • Theo

Deputy members


My aim is to be able to increase the focus on reducing bullying and to be able to sustain progress on the anti-bullying KYCC campaign.


I will help to stop bullying and make fights non existent, as well as racist comments.


I am committed to making Kent a safe place for everyone. We must have a united voice in our future and the ability to make sound decisions.


I am dedicated to making a difference with the issues in my community and I feel that I can offer support in a variety of different areas.

Other deputy members

  • Nikita



I like my opinion heard; and I think of myself as very bright. I am also in a school student forum.


I hope to continue the work I have been doing in KYCC this year, particularly within anti-bullying and safeguarding and to help make a difference to the daily lives of Kent's young people.


Connecting the community. I will raise the age of a child ticket for buses and trains, promote volunteering and a buddy scheme for refugees.


I am someone who is ambitious for change for young people in Kent and I like to have an influence on decisions made in the area.


I am looking forward to developing our curriculum for life campaign further and introducing it to the public, while leaving a successful campiagn that will continue to be worked upon I once I leave.

Other members:

  • Amber
  • Charlie
  • Claude

Deputy members


I am looking forward to making a difference among the young people of my community, and seeing what impact and positive change I can really have within my first year on KYCC.


I hope to communicate the views of young people across my district and make them a reality. I am a great listener and I hope to achieve many of your aims. At the moment I am aiming to tackle problems in mental health.


I have been an active member of KYCC for two years. I would like to represent the students on subjects like student and disability rights.



I would like to make transport more accessible to all 11-18 year olds and reduce bullying in Dartford.


I have a passion for making things better for the youth in my area. Nowadays there is so much going on that effects us, so we need a say.


I hope to make a change to Dartford and make it a better place for the youth there.


I want to change the 9 to 5 working style for services for mental health and feel I can help support and structure young people's lives for the better in my district.


I hope to improve education and teachers training while making information more accessible to everyone.

Other members

  • Conor
  • Ella
  • Millie

Deputy members


I aim to make our community safer as well as preparing young people for their future by educating them on the necessary skills they need for life as an adult.



I want to listen to young people and fight to make Kent a better place. Kent should be safer with more things for young people to do in their free time.


I would like to develop in resources and support for mental health to help youth people suffering in Kent.


I am a hard working individual and want to make stuff better for kids in Dover.

Other members

  • Tom



As a KYCC member I want to be able to make a difference in the things I am passionate about. I will take everybody's thoughts and ideas and reflect them in our districts.


I will make a stand for what others believe in and not just myself, I will make changes to local parks and keep vandalism out make it unique.


I want to make young people more involved in politics. I want to make a positive impact in Kent and Gravesham for young people and let people voice their opinions.


I hope to improve understanding of people with mental health issues within schools in our district.


I want to promote youth groups in my local area. These organisations such as YAG's give young people the opportunity to have their say in current affairs that are relevant to them and are essential in encouraging youth participation and shouldn’t be ignored.


As a elected member of KYCC, I intend to input my views and opinions, so that Kent is a safer, better and overall pleasant place for young people. Likewise, I will try my best to show people why I was elected as a member, for I truly believe with the help of the other members at KYCC, a difference can be made.

Other members

  • Will



I want more young people to become involved in the community as well as local politics to get our voices heard.


As a KYCC member I would like to voice the issues of my local youth community and make change for the better.


I hope to work on curriculum for life and raise awareness about bullying, racism and discrimination while promoting youth politics as something interesting and fun to get involved in.


I want to make Kent a better place for all of us. I would like to clean up the litter in Maidstone. I would also like to make buses cleaner and cheaper as they are dirty and expensive at the moment. I want to make Maidstone a place where everyone feels safe and welcomed.


I am a passionate and resilient person and I believe KYCC is a place where your views are valued and you can be brave and get your message across.

Other members

  • Lilly
  • Sean
  • Skyla

Deputy members


I care greatly about the community of Maidstone and shall do everything in my power to improve life and hear the problems of the young.


I am a hard worker and love to have fun while getting things done at the same time. I hope to change behaviours and attitudes to racism and try to improve transport in Kent.


I have been in KYCC for 2 years, and worked with the transport campaign mainly, I want to continue to make transport better for young people.


I would like to help people and make my community strong. I like fighting for my rights and helping others to be strong, loving and kind. I also want to be a voice for those that are too shy.



As a KYCC member I would like to take an active role within a group working towards a common goal. I want to improve my research skills and presentation skills.

Lewis M

As a member of KYCC I would like to achieve more recognition and education on the LGBTQ+ community. I would also like to improve the treatment and image of young people throughout Kent.


I would like to get involved in mental health issues and attitudes towards the younger generation. I would also like to let the public know that things are changing for the good.


I want to make a difference, especially to young people in Kent.


I hope to contribute as much as possible to all KYCC activities especially in relation to curriculum for life.


I want to make the lives of young people in Kent and Sevenoaks easier and more enjoyable.

Other members

  • Lewis C

Deputy member


I would work with young people to find out how, by working together we can solve this.


I am very good with people and I want to represent the young people of Swanley and Sevenoaks.


I want to be the voice of young people in Swanley to make a difference.



I want to improve mental health awareness and reading resources in schools. I want to be part of the UK youth parliament and build up positive relationships.


Change systems in school, more focused on mental health and curriculum for life. I'd like to implement a support system for KS4 students and a weekly session on curriculum for life. I'd like to make a wider difference, share my ideas and be involved in UK Youth Parliament.


I will work to keep bus passes affordable, provide employment skills and opportunities, and ensure KYCC makes our voices heard during Brexit.


I wish to help the young people of Kent to gain access to a better standard of education, have less issue with bullying and have a better understanding of mental health issues.


I am happy to get everyone's voices heard and want to build on my first year by having a successful second year. I am committed to allowing you the opportunity to get heard.


I'm a hard working person, I want to get young people's voices heard. I'm willing to put all my time and effort to get people's voices heard.

Other members

  • Natalie

Deputy members


I hope to continue my work within anti-bullying and safeguarding to help make Kent a better place.


I wish to make life easier for people who live with/have mental/physical disabilities, I feel KYCC will give me the opportunity to do this.


I am hardworking and want to make a difference to the young people in Kent.



I have already completed a year at KYCC and been proactive in my local community and anti-bullying campaign and would like to continue that this year.


As young people we have little opportunity to speak our opinions. As a KYCC member I want to change that to make sure no young person feels they can't speak their mind.


This year I'm going to make positive changes in campaigns and push for ideas that will make a real difference to young people's lives. I will help raise the profile of KYCC and the campaigns I work on.


I would like to do as much as I can to help the people of the local communities. I will do everything that I can to make a change for the better.


I hope to get the young people in my area more interested in issues that concern them, I am easy to talk to and I take everyone's opinions on board.


I would love to represent and improve my community as well as collaborate with others to produce an overall diverse and representative view of how to change the negative parts of our community.


As a KYCC member I would like to help the people in my local community have their opinions heard. I want to help raise awareness for discrimination between young people and celebrate equality. Overall I would like to make differences in my community which could later be extended so everyone can benefit from change.

Other members

  • Oliver

Deputy members


I am hoping to grow in confidence and make a difference to my area through curriculum for life and anti-bullying campaigns.



I would like to help make Kent a better place for young people by focusing on areas that need the most help e.g mental health, LGBT+ community and anti-bullying.


I believe that as soon as citizens come together with the passion to serve and succeed then our society will change for the better.


This year I'm going to make positive changes in campaigns and push for ideas that will make a real difference to young people's lives. I will help raise the profile of KYCC and the campaigns I work on.


I want to ensure equal opportunities for all young people. I want to work to make everyone feel equal.


I hope to make a positive difference to our community in Kent. I'd like to raise awareness on issues relevant to young people and do the best I am capable of as a member of KYCC.


I want to listen to young people and fight to make Kent a better place. Kent should be safer with more things for young people to do in their free time.


I want to change the community we live in and to offer a new perspective and opinion to the council. I will workhard  to achieve the goals set out within KYCC with the rest of the youth members.

Other members

  • Jennifer
  • Lauren

Deputy members


I feel that I could make a positive difference acting as a voice for the youth in the community in which I live.



I hope to improve my area and local community by Improving transport, Having more sports in schools and reducing bullying in schools.


I am part of Tonbridge leadership group and I am excellent at expressing my opinions and very good at working with others.


This year I'm going to make positive changes in campaigns and push for ideas that will make a real difference to young people lives. I will help raise the profile of KYCC and the campaigns I work on.


I hope to raise awareness of bullying, abuse and gender. Id like to provide help for those with mental health issues.


I am very compassionate and outspoken person who can get peoples voices heard throughout the county. I would like to make a difference help make not only the UK but the world a better place to live.

Other members

  • Poppy


Aidan M

I want to reduce the percentage of younger people exposed to drugs and alcohol in Kent, and to ensure they realise that participating in these activities is no joke. I would also like to see cheaper fares, a clear definition between educated opinion and racism, and an improvement in sexual health education that is worryingly outdated.


I want to help young people before they reach adulthood and so that they are ready to enter the adult world.


I would like to make it easier for young people to have their voices heard and represent the majority.


I'm passionate about helping young people to have a say in what happens in their communities and would be very excited to make a difference!


I am more than happy for young people in my district to get in touch with me to ask questions please contact me via email I wish to introduce progress in the curriculum for life campaign and more accountability across KYCC.

Other members

Our other KYCC Tunbridge Wells members are:

  • Ellie
  • Freddie
  • Luke

Deputy Members

Aiden K

I believe that I can help the younger generation and give to them what they deserve.


I want to continue the work I have been doing on KYCC over the past year especially in the interest group on raising awareness of sexual harassment. I also want to raise awareness of mental health facilities for young people and make sure people know where to go when they have concerns.


I would like to reduce bullying and talk to the school about it. I have experience with bullying and so want to use that experience.



I am interested in helping others to have the best quality of life possible. I am particularly interested in helping voice the thoughts and struggles within the LGBTQ+ community to encourage acceptance and change.


I would like to help people whether it's to stop bullying or to help the homeless.


I want to be able to represent my community by actually having an impact on young people's lives. Growing up as a muslim, ethnic minority without any problems, I realise is a privilege as it is not as easy for everyone. I would like to be able to stand up for and represent these people.


As a year 12 student I would like to commit to helping empower the youth, tackle racism and discrimination and work on creating a wider awareness of the mental health issues in Kent.


I am a passionate and devoted individual who wants to improve society. My main focus is to get involved in the mental health campaign to educate young people on the struggles people face and the negative stigma that is directed towards them.


I hope I can make a difference to education and get more of a balance between fun and learning in schools.

Other members

  • Aaron
  • Skye

Deputy members

  • Chantelle