Members 2018 - Kent Youth County Council

Kent Youth County Council (KYCC) members represent young people in their area. They help to voice their opinions and bring about change.

To stand for election as a member of KYCC, you have to:

  • be 11-18 years old
  • live, go to school or work in Kent
  • tell us what you want to campaign on and why people should vote for you.

You'll need to come to at least 10 meetings per year.

See the Kent Youth County Council Elections Results Summary 2017 (PDF, 606.6 KB)

KYCC district and community members 2018



I am dedicated to representing the youths of Ashford and I hope that my actions will contribute to improving the lives of young people across Kent.


I'd like to campaign for votes for 16 year olds, and to reach out to more young people within Kent.


I want to be the voice of young people for Kent and continue the work I have already achieved in KYCC.


I hope to continue representing the views of young people in Ashford and making sure our views are listened to. I am excited about continuing the work that we have already started last year.


I will work hard for the people of Kent and I will shoulder the youths' problems.


Bring people's point of views to light and give the people what they want.


I want to help give my peers a voice and provide a new perspective on current issues.


I hope I can make young people's lives change for the better because, that would be the best feeling in the world.

Other members:

  • Jayden



I believe in empowering the youth voice and ensuring their opinions are accounted for. That’s why I am happy to continue my work in KYCC and to keep up my work in my campaign and interest groups and for us to have a successful year.


I’ll strive to create a more reliable bus service, provide more affordable options for school and meals. I want to make real change for young people like you and I.


I would like to improve the knowledge of current affairs for young people in Kent, as well as creating a better lifestyle for the community in general.


I am a great listener and want to take the views of all young people in Kent into account. I am currently tackling problems around mental health in Kent.

Josh M

I hope to help further empower KYCC so it can do more to make the lives of young people in Kent better. I also want to improve the communication between KYCC and the youth of Kent


To make growing up in Canterbury area the best possible experience for young people and give them opportunities to help them further their practical skills and sense of community.


I would like to provide support for people with mental wellbeing, resilience and bullying problems.


I want to represent the view of young people in my area of Kent and push for meaningful and positive changes and improvements for everyone with education and outside.


This year in KYCC I would like to work on Anti-bullying and would like to be able to campaign on the rights and accessibility for people with disabilities and special needs.

Other members:

  • Freddy



Whilst at KYCC, I would like to raise awareness on issues which affect us all, through discussing the issues and how they affect us differently and subsequently campaigning to resolve or improve them.


I want to make a positive contribution towards improving the image of young people in Kent especially in sport, transport and languages.


I would like to be able to support people who are getting bullied and raise awareness of the issues and support in our county.


I want to raise awareness of food waste across the county and Uk. I want to improve transport across Kent for students making it cheaper and more accessible. I am very happy to have been elected.


I hope to help the youth in Dartford to have a voice and for people to feel safe and not bullied and have a great education.

Other members:

  • Daniel
  • Holly
  • Katie
  • Omolayo
  • Wesleigh



In this my first year I want to improve the education of young people in politics and work on the anti-bullying campaign creating resources for schools.


To teach children about tax and basic life skills and to make Kent a safer place.

Other members:

  • Finley
  • Lily
  • Tyler



Through my time at KYCC, I would like to improve young people's mental health and wellbeing as well as being.


I want to continue my work in KYCC and represent young people in Kent.

Phoebe Maria

During my time as a KYCC member I would like to make sure that I listen to the youth voice in Kent and act on it effectively to help build a stronger community that overcomes issues that it faces when there is a lack of equality.

Other members:

  • Deborah
  • Isabelle
  • Michael



I want to be a voice for youth and to encourage them to make a difference and provide them with support.


I hope to raise awareness and improve cultural relations in Maidstone to ensure a reduction in racism and discrimination in our schools.


I want to continue my commitment and enthusiasm as well as going above and beyond to conclude campaigns for curriculum for life and votes for 16. I also want to inspire and leave a legacy for the future of KYCC.


I hope that from this experience I will be able to help bring more apprenticeship opportunities and to awareness on this issue. I want to help young people afford the cost of travel so they can get to the right school for them rather than the nearest due to transport issues.


I would like to make the whole of Kent more politically engaged, to ensure they know whats going on in the wider world.


In this my 4th year on KYCC I hope to continue my work for transport and curriculum for life while further strengthening my links with Kent County Council.

Other members:

  • Aiden
  • Gladys
  • Shenell



I want to help improve mental health care for young people in Kent and ensure people suffering from a mental health condition can get the help they require.


I hope to improve the lives of young people based in my constituency. I am looking forward to improving the lives of people and making a sustainable future for people in Sevenoaks.


As a member of the KYCC wish to make transport for all young people more accessible to all.

Other members:

  • Ben
  • Isabelle
  • Timi
  • Tom



This year I will continue to work hard in anti-bullying and represent Shepway.


I hope to be the voice to people who are not always heard. I want to encourage and raise awareness about KYCC.


I hope to change the way people learn and travel to school. I hope I can get on to UK Youth Parliament to do bigger things.


I would like to make some young peoples travel free. I would like to encourage young people to try and wider variety of sports and leisure activities.


I want to ensure that young people have a voice and feel empowered. My main aim is to improve mental health services for young people.


As a member, I aim to raise awareness of self harming and make support more available for sufferers.


I would like equality for all in society and laws regardless of background.

Other members:

  • Annabelle
  • Hannah
  • Isabelle


Alice B

I hope to make changes in Kent with mental health, LGBTQ+ and curriculum for life. I am looking forward to representing Swale and representing young peoples views.

Alice D

I would like to improve the curriculum for life campaign giving young people first aid training in schools and more education on finances that they will need in life.


In this my 3rd year at KYCC I am looking forward to representing young people and campaigning on curriculum for life.


I would like to listen to the youth of Swale and bring their views forward so they feel safe, confident and represented.


Over my time so far at KYCC I have contributed to a developing campaign of mental health. This year I am aiming to achieve more development in the mental health campaign and contribute more to the districts as a result of this.


I would like to represent the youth of my district and make sure their voices are heard.


I hope that partaking in KYCC will not only benefit me but also the community of Kent. I hope that I will help to raise awareness of the public's problems. I also want to develop my public speaking and confidence skills.


I hope to continue my work focused on mental health and want to ensure that the young people of Kent's voice are heard.


I want to help those with mental health issues, decrease racism and bullying in Kent and reduce travel costs for young people.

Other members:

  • Faiza
  • Taylor



I hope to improve public transport and lower the costs of it as well as improving mental health services, sex education and reducing the voting age for elections to 16.


In my 2nd year as a member, I would like to work towards raising awareness about issues such as racism in order to tackle them in schools and other public places. In my campaign groups my biggest goal is making young people feel comfortable and free to be themselves.


I would like to make my voice heard in Kent and my opinion listened to.


I want to raise funding for schools in Kent and get all young people's voices heard in how things are run.


I hope to continue the hard work with KYCC and really get young people voices heard and acted upon.


In my 2nd year with KYCC I want to campaign for education in Kent especially curriculum for life. I will focus on being proactive, looking at the impact of things KYCC does and listening to the views of young people.


I want to give equal rights to everyone no matter what their differences.


To be able to represent young people in Kent and Thanet share my ideas and present my thoughts.


My ambition for my 2nd year as a Kent Youth County Councillor is to ensure that the young people of Thanet have their voices heard and their concerns raised.


Help people affected by mental health issues and their families. To help remove the stigma from the LGBTQA+ community and minority groups. I want everyone to feel equal and not affected by stigmas.



I want to be able to help local community and learn more about political parities and what they stand for. I also want to try and get as many of my campaigns tackled.

Other members:

  • Alisa
  • Lauren



I hope to improve my main areas of concern which are anti-bullying, mental health and transport. With anti-bullying I want to create resources for public use to raise awareness and offer support.

Other members:

  • Aidan
  • David
  • Freddie G
  • Freddie T
  • Gabriel



I want to make a positive impact on problems facing the youth of Kent.


To make a positive difference to disabled people's lives across Kent.


I hope to be a voice for young people in Kent who are bullied and provide support for them and also to encourage young people to be more confident.


I want to make everyone's voice heard and educate Kent on the issues of mental health and LGBTQ+ discrimination.

Other members:

  • Balen
  • Lucy
  • Matthew