Minerals and Waste Development Scheme

The Minerals and Waste Development Scheme sets out the programme for the preparation of Minerals and Waste Local Plans over the next few years.

The Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2013-30 was submitted to the Secretary of State on 3 November 2014 for examination. Following the submission, the examination process was delayed while more information was submitted. Due to this delay, the dates given for the current Development Scheme are now out of date and will be reviewed in 2015. The latest dates and information on the examination of the Plan can be found on the planning policy consultation portal.

The latest development scheme was brought into force in July 2014. It contains a new timetable for the development of the Local Plan's key planning documents.

The Minerals and Waste Development Scheme 2010-16 replaces the previous version published in December 2013.

The scheme provides the starting point for the community and stakeholders to find out about our current planning policies and the key stages for public involvement.

The following plans will be prepared: