Annual monitoring reports

We prepare an annual monitoring report each year on the Minerals and Waste Local Plan. The report reviews how the council is performing against the programme and timescales set out within the Minerals and Waste Development Scheme.

Kent Local Aggregate Assessment

The National Planning Policy Framework states that Mineral Planning Authorities should plan for a steady and adequate supply of aggregates by preparing an annual Local Aggregate Assessment based on the following:

  • a rolling average of 10 years sales data and other relevant local information
  • an assessment of all of the supply options (including marine dredged, secondary and recycled sources).

The second Kent Local Aggregate Assessment was considered by the South East England Aggregate Working Party for ratification on 23 February 2015. The working party accepted the findings of the report, with the recommendation that future assessments report on Hoggin sales.

View the Kent Local Aggregate Assessment - November 2016 (PDF, 1.4 MB)