Facing the Challenge

Facing the Challenge is not just about saving money, it's about thinking very differently about how we deliver services and making the most of every penny we spend.

Our customers are at the very heart of our transformation plans. We need to set ourselves up around our different customer groups and make sure services are redesigned according to their needs.

The transformation plan focuses on 3 themes:

  • service reviews (also called market engagement) – understanding how services currently operate, the difference they make, and if there's a better way
  • integrating services – bringing services together around customer groups to streamline our operation and avoid duplication
  • managing change better – coordinating all transformation programmes in a single, more efficient way.

We will be:

  • placing the customer at the heart of service delivery
  • shaping services around people and place
  • looking again at our services, the difference they make and whether there's a better way, taking a prompt from our customers and the people working close to them
  • putting a greater focus on outcomes - being clearer on what we're trying to achieve 
  • a more co-ordinated approach to project and programme management.