Troubled families

The Troubled Families programme aims to 'turn around' 120,000 troubled families by 2015, reducing the costs these families place on the public sector.

The programme works towards:

  • getting children back into school
  • reducing youth crime and anti-social behaviour
  • putting adults on a path back to work.

Phase 1

In Kent the programme is working towards meeting our target of 2,560 families for phase 1 of the programme (2012 to 2015). Working with key partners including district councils, Job Centre Plus, Kent Police and our family intervention providers, we have already turned around 2,049 families.

Kent's vision has been successful in sustaining change for the families of Kent by:

  • dealing with each family's problems as a whole
  • integrating county and local services
  • appointing a key worker to the family
  • using a mix of methods and resources to support families.

Phase 2 expanded programme

Due to the success of phase 1, Kent is now an early starter for phase 2 of the programme (2015 to 2020) which takes a broader view and aims to turn around an additional 400,000 families nationally.

As part of phase 2, Kent is required to turn around 8,960 families in the next 5 years. The criteria for the extended programme now include:

  • crime or anti-social behaviour
  • school Attendance
  • children who need help
  • worklessness
  • domestic violence
  • health problems.

Families will have to meet at least 2 criteria to be eligible for the programme.

Phase 2 sets out a greater challenge for Kent, with increased target numbers and broadened criteria. It is therefore vital that everyone is aware of the programme's new criteria and our delivery approach, so that together we can recognise and capture all families who can benefit from the support offered by the Kent Troubled Families Programme.

Locally the programme will offer:

  • a Whole Family Outcome Plan, putting the whole family at the centre of service planning
  • a key worker to get to grips with the family's problems, working as part of a Team Around the Family (TAF) where necessary to coordinate support
  • a coordinated multi-agency approach with local services and partners, working more effectively together
  • District Partnership Managers to coordinate and support local delivery and oversee the multi-agency LOGs (Local Operational Groups). They will be responsible for the development and delivery of the Early Help and Prevention local partnerships, including oversight of the Kent Troubled Families Programme locally.

Supporting the programme

If you know a family who could benefit from the help of Kent Troubled Families, then please complete an Early Help Notification form (DOCX, 82.8 KB), email or phone 03000 419222 for further advice about how to refer families to the programme.

To find out more about our work with troubled families in Kent please email