Changes to street lighting

Safe and sensible street lighting

To reduce energy costs, carbon emissions and light pollution we are switching off 2,500 surplus street lights on a trial basis for a year.  We are also converting 70,000 street lights to part-night operation.  These changes will reduce annual energy costs by about £1 million and carbon emissions by 5,000 tonnes.

Why we are making changes

Find out more about the changes we are making.

Areas affected by change

Find out which areas are changing and when.

Report a problem

If a street light is off but is not part of this project please report it to us.

Your safety

We're working closely with Kent Police to monitor safety issues.

About the consultation

How we informed residents and gathered feedback.

Street light report

Read the report, A Common Sense Plan for Safe and Sensible Street Lighting (PDF, 80 KB)