Land and property data

Land and property information is gathered using annual site surveys and statistical information from other sources. This information is used to record past trends and plan for future requirements.

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Annual monitoring reports

The reports below provide information on the overall losses and gains in commercial floor space across the Kent during the year. The reports include the take-up of commercial land allocated in the Local Development Frameworks. Developments with planning permissions not yet started, under construction and completions by use class are also presented.

The Glossary of commercial land terms (PDF, 320.5 KB) explains the terminology used in the annual monitoring reports.

If you require past versions of the annual monitoring reports, please email

A summary of the latest commercial floorspace is presented in Commercial floorspace completions in Kent (PDF, 599.8 KB).

Additional information

There is some information that is not included in the annual monitoring reports, but is available in the Non domestic rates (business rates) report (PDF, 1.8 MB). This report shows information about stock figures, floorspace, rateable values and vacancy rates.