Roger Wilkin

Director of Highways, Transportation and Waste

Roles and responsibilities

Roger is responsible for:

  • the planning and maintenance of public highways in Kent
  • the development and delivery of safe and sustainable transport on the county's highways network
  • the provision of waste treatment and disposal facilities for the communities and district and borough councils of Kent.

His priorities include making sure that the highways users in Kent can travel safely and sustainability by their chosen mode of travel, and that the use of landfill as a destination for waste is minimised in favour of recycling, composting and energy generation.

Roger's specific duties include:

  • maintaining the public highway to make sure it is safe to use
  • identifying, designing and constructing new highways
  • improving the existing public highway, in terms of safety, condition, operation and congestion reduction
  • planning future transport requirements
  • operation of concessionary fares, rural bus subsidy and Young Persons Travel Pass
  • the planning and provision of a range of waste and recycling systems and facilities to ensure the sustainable treatment of municipal waste.


Roger has extensive experience of working in both the private and public sectors. His local government career includes the management of frontline and strategic services in Hampshire, Somerset, Norfolk and Lincolnshire.

He joined Kent County Council in 2013 as Head of Waste Management, and has accepted the post of Director of Highways, Transportation and Waste whilst the permanent Director is seconded to another department.

Read the full job description (PDF, 152.3 KB) for the role of Director of Highways, Transportation and Waste.

Roger is a volunteer for the mental health charity West Kent Mind, of which his wife is the Chief Executive.

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