Our directors represent the main directorates at Kent County Council.

Who they are

Find out more about the people who run your council services, including details of their roles, salaries and expenses, through the links below.

View our senior management structure (PDF, 212.7 KB).

View the structure of the top three tiers in Kent County Council (PDF, 175.2 KB).

Strategic and Corporate Support

Head of Paid Service/Corporate Director of Strategic and Corporate Support - David Cockburn

Director of Governance and Law - Geoff Wild

Director of Infrastructure - Rebecca Spore

Director of School Resources - vacant

Director of Strategy, Policy, Relationships and Corporate Assurance - David Whittle

Director of Strategic Business Development and Intelligence - Emma Mitchell

Education and Young People's Service

Corporate Director of Education and Young People's Services - Patrick Leeson

Director of Early Help and Preventative Services - Stuart Collins (Interim)

Director of Education Quality and Standards - Gillian Cawley

Director of Education Planning and Access - Keith Abbott

Social Care, Health and Wellbeing

Corporate Director of Social Care, Health and Wellbeing - Andrew Ireland

Director of Commissioning - Mark Lobban

Director of Specialist Children's Services - Philip Segurola

Director of Older People and Physical Disability - Anne Tidmarsh

Director of Disabled Children, Adult Learning Disability and Mental Health - Penny Southern

Director of Public Health - Andrew Scott-Clark

Growth, Environment and Transport

Corporate Director of Growth, Environment and Transport - Barbara Cooper

Director of Economic Development - David Smith

Director of Highways, Transportation and Waste - Roger Wilkin

Director of Environment, Planning and Enforcement - Katie Stewart

Finance and Procurement

Corporate Director of Finance and Procurement - Andy Wood

Engagement, Organisation Design and Development

Corporate Director of Engagement, Organisation Design and Development - Amanda Beer