Corporate Management Team

Our Corporate Management Team consists of corporate directors who represent our main directorates. They provide:

  • the managerial leadership and direction of the council
  • the formal response to Cabinet policy direction
  • council-wide policy and initiatives for Cabinet consideration
  • co-ordination and commissioning of council-wide activity, planning, programme management.

They are responsible for a budget of £2.4 billion and more than 12,000 staff (excluding school staff). They lead a complex organisation that works in partnership with other public agencies, local business and the voluntary and community sector.

Who they are

Find out more about the people who run your council services, including details of their salaries and expenses, through the links below.

  • David CockburnDavid Cockburn
    Head of Paid Service
    Corporate Director of Strategic and Corporate Services
    Includes finance, human resources, information and communication technology, governance and law, property and infrastructure support, policy and strategic partnerships, and business intelligence.

  • Patrick LeesonPatrick Leeson
    Corporate Director of Education and Young People's Services
    Includes preventative services, education planning and access and education quality and standards.

  • Andrew IrelandAndrew Ireland
    Corporate Director of Social Care, Health and Wellbeing
    Includes commissioning, specialist children's services, older people and physical disability, learning disability and mental health and public health.

  • Barbara CooperBarbara Cooper
    Corporate Director Growth, Environment and Transport
    Includes economic development, highways, transportation and waste and environment, planning and enforcement.

  • Andy WoodAndy Wood
    Corporate Director of Finance and Procurement
    Includes finance, audit and risk and procurement.

  • Amanda BeerAmanda Beer
    Corporate Director of Engagement, Organisation Design and Development
    Includes human resources, organisational development and health and safety.

  • Andrew Scott-ClarkAndrew Scott-Clark
    Director of Public Health
    Includes health improvement, health protection, intelligence and research and commissioning and performance.

  • Geoff WildGeoff Wild
    Director of Governance and Law
    Includes legal services and compliance, supporting the council's decision-making and overview and scrutiny processes and ownership of risk.