Interactive budget diagram 2016/17

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2016 budget total
Management, support & overheads
Service directorates
Strategic & Corporate Services
Services to the public
Adults & older people's services
Direct payments
Learning disability (aged 18+)
Mental health (aged 18+)
Older people (aged 65+) (aged 18+)
Physical disability (aged 18-64)
Domiciliary care
Learning disability (aged 18+)
Older people (aged 65+) - in house
Older people (aged 65+) - commissioned
Physical disability (aged 18-64) - in house
Physical disability (aged 18-64) - commissioned
Non residential charging income
Learning disability (18+)
Older people (65+)
Physical disability (aged 18-64) / mental health (18+)
Nursing & Residential Care
"Learning disability (aged 18+) - in house"
Mental health (aged 18+)
Older people (aged 65+) - nursing
Older people (aged 65+) - residential - in house
Older people (aged 65+) - residential - commissioned
Physical disability (aged 18-64)
Supported living
Learning disability (aged 18+) - in house service
Learning disability (aged 18+) - shared lives scheme
Learning disability (aged 18+) - other commissioned
Older people (aged 65+) - in house service
Older people (aged 65+) - commissioned service
Physical disability 18-64 / mental health 18+ - in house
Physical disability 18-64 / mental health 18+ - commissioned
Other services for adults & older people
Adaptive & assistive technology
Community support services for mental health 18+
Day care - learning disability 18+ - in house service
Day care - learning disability 18+ - commissioned
Day care - older people 65+ - in house
Day care - older people 65+ - commissioned
Day care - physical disability 18-64
related support for vulnerable people
Legal charges
Other adult services
Social support - carers - in house service
Social support - carers - commissioned service
Social support - information
& early intervention
Social support - social isolation
Support & assistance service (social fund)
Adult's social care staffing
Children's services
Children in care (looked after)
Fostering - in house service
Fostering - commissioned from independent agencies
Legal charges
Residential services - short breaks units
Residential services - commissioned
Virtual School Kent
Children in need - family support services
Early help
Children's centres
Early intervention and prevention
Education & personal
14 to 24 year olds
Attendance & behaviour
Early years & childcare
Early years education
Education psychology service
Individual learner support
Statemented pupils
Youth service
Youth offending service
Other children's services
Adoption & other permanent care arrangements for children
Asylum seekers
Care leavers
Children's social care & assessment staffing
Community services
Arts development (incl. grant to Turner Contemporary)
Community learning & skills (CLS)
Contact centre & citizens advice help line
Customer relationship (including Gateways)
Gypsies & travellers
Libraries, registration & archives services
Local healthwatch & NHS complaints advocacy
Sports development
Supporting employment
Troubled families programme
Country parks & countryside access
Environmental management (incl. coastal protection)
Public rights of way
Highways maintenance
Adverse weather
Bridges & other structures
General maintenance & emergency response
Highways drainage
Streetlight maintenance
Highways management
Development planning
Highway improvements
Road safety
Streetlight energy
Traffic management
Tree maintenance, grass cutting & weed control
Local democracy
Community engagement
County council elections
Local member grants
Partnership arrangements with district councils
Planning & transport strategy
Planning & transport policy
Planning applications
Public health
Children's public health visiting service for 0-5 yrs
Other children's public health programmes
Drug & alcohol services
Obesity & physical activity
Public health - mental health adults
Public health staffing, advice & monitoring
Sexual health services
Targeting health inequalities
Tobacco control & stop smoking services
Public protection
"Community safety (including community wardens)"
Emergency response & resilience
Trading standards (including Kent Scientific Services)
Regeneration & econcomic development
& high needs education budgets
Exclusion services
High needs pupils in further education colleges - post 16 year olds
High needs pupils in independent sector providers
High needs pupils in independent special school placements
High needs pupils - recoupment
PFI schools scheme
& pupil referral units delegated budgets
Schools' services
Other schools' services
Redundancy costs
School improvement
Teachers & education staff pension costs
Transport services
Concessionary fares
Home to school/college transport SEND
Home to school transport (mainstream)
Kent 16+ travel card
Subsidised socially necessary bus services
Transport operations
Transport planning
Young person's travel pass
Waste management
Waste compliance, commissioning & contract management
Partnerships & development
Closed landfill sites
Waste processing
Landfill tax
Operation of waste facilities
Payments to district councils
Recycling contracts & composting
Treatment & disposal of residual waste
Financing items
Audit fees
Carbon reduction commitment
Commercial services (net contribution)
to IT asset maintenance reserve
Contribution to/from reserves
Insurance fund
Modernisation of the council
Net debt
costs (incl. investment income)

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