Changes to street lighting

Safe and sensible street lighting

To reduce energy costs, carbon emissions and light pollution we have switched off around 1,000 surplus street lights on a trial basis for a year.  We have also converted around 60,000 street lights to part-night operation, so they turn off between around midnight and 5:30am Greenwich Mean Time (1am and 6:30am during British Summer Time). 

These changes have reduced annual energy costs by about £1 million and carbon emissions by 5,000 tonnes.

We are pursuing funding to convert and upgrade all of our street lights to LED equipment.  This, as well as reducing energy costs significantly, will enable lighting to be restored to all-night operation. The lights will be dimmed a little after peak hours but the street scene will still be fully visible.  We are in the process of developing the scheme, and providing full funding can be secured the conversion works will start in late 2015 / early 2016. Read our press release.